App URL OS Description
algia A small resource consumption oriented Nostr web client.
Amethyst Android A decentralized social network for artists built on the Nostr protocol. It allows artists to share their work, connect with other artists, and collaborate on projects.
ArcadeCity Public group chats and P2P services (WIP) over Nostr
Astral Web a branle fork with global feed and UI makeover
Attached IOS, Android Open-Source ReactNative Expo app for Nostr (iOS, Android). Currently under app stores review.
Bija Python Nostr client with backend that runs on a local flask server, and front end in your browser
Blockcore Notes Web Progressive Web App that can be installed on mobile and desktop, organize following in circles and have both public and private following lists. Dynamic interface for different uses, such as optimized for photograph viewing.
Blogstack Web A blogging client that is like Medium, Substack, Blogger
Blowwater Web A desktop Web client focusing on chat with delightful UX. Web A bitcoin lightning makers community that supports reading and creating comments using Nostr
coracle Web Coracle is a web client for the Nostr protocol. While Nostr is useful for many things, Coracle focuses on providing a high-quality social media experience.
Daisy Android, iOS Mobile client for Android and iOS
damus IOS a twitter-like Nostr client for iOS and MacOS
Disgus Web A commenting system for your blog or website based on Nostr open protocol. It's like Disqus but Nostier…
dispute Linux, Android, iOS, MacOs, Windows and Web A cross-platform (Linux, Android, iOS, MacOs, Windows and Web) client for Nostr
electron-Nostr Desktop App A bare-bones desktop Nostr client using electron-react-boilerplate. Goal is to be an easy template for people to experiment with different ideas on decentralized ratings, reputation, and web of trust
emon Web Encrypted DMs over Nostr with lightning payments integrated (WIP).
flycat Web A 2000s old-school style web client which support blogging on Nostr
futr Desktop App Nostr client desktop app written in Haskell
gnost-deflate-client CLI Nostr client written in go implementing permessage-deflate websocket compression.
gossip Windows, Linux, and MacOS A desktop client in rust presented with egui
Hamstr Web A twitter-style web client built with Vue.js
Iris Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Web Iris is a Nostr Android, iOS and web client that has also standalone desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and Docker versions.
jester Web Chess over Nostr
Lightning.Pub A Nostr daemon for Lightning nodes
Listr Web A Nostr Web Client for Making Lists, built with Next.js 13 and TypeScript.
Loquaz Desktop App a desktop app written in Rust for direct encrypted chat
member Web Progressive Web App Client. Works on desktop and mobile
MeShell Web, iOS, Android Web, iOS and Android blog type client destined to publish articles and researches for independent journalists.
Minds Web open source social network. Supports reading and creating posts using the Nostr protocol
More-Speech Windows, Linux, MacOS desktop client for Nostr written in Clojure
Name URL Operating System Description
nblog Web a self-host Nostr ghost blog
nosbin Web pastebin over Nostr
noscl a basic command-line client written in Go
Nosky Android A native Android client for Nostr still in development
Nostr console Windows, Linux, and MacOS a Nostr command line client written in Dart. Binaries available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS
Nostr Nests Web Nostr Nests is an audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences and more.
Nostr-chat-widget-react Web A React component that provides a live-chat widget over Nostr that can be embedded into any website.
Nostr-java A Nostr client API written in java, for generating, signing and publishing events to relays
NostrEmitter Simple E2E encrypted client and EventEmitter object Web Nostr client web app built with Next.js 13 and TypeScript.
Nostrid Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS Nostrid is a multi-platform, open-source Nostr client. It is written in .NET and runs in Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Web version running completely on the browser. It can be installed locally as PWA. Web Nostr client built in SvelteKit
Nostromat Web A Twitter-style Nostr web client, written in Clojurescript/React
Nostros Android A Nostr mobile client for Android
Nostrtium Post to Nostr directly from within WordPress
Nostrweb another Nostr web client in vanilla JS Web Nostr UI created with NextJS, support for markdown and code highlighting
Noteon Web Yet another Nostr client focused on private chat and group chat with a simple, elegant and secure interface.
Nozzle Android A Twitter-like native Android client written with Jetpack Compose
ourChan Web Anonymous imageboard on Nostr, from a fork of
Scalastr A barebones Nostr client written in scala
second exchange Web an experiment to work out something of like medium, something of creator economy where users are rewarded for engaging in quality discussion and most importantly engaging in governance-related discussion
sendstr Web shared clipboard between devices over Nostr
shockwallet A Lightning wallet that uses Nostr and lnurl to connect to nodes
Slackerstan Web A decentralised organisation built on Bitcoin and Nostr, implemented as a replicated state machine in Golang
snort Web Snort is a Nostr UI built with React aiming for speed and efficiency.
Tamga iOS An offline first Nostr contact & profile manager for iOS!
uBlog Web A minimalist blog on Nostr that allows anyone to easily create their own personal micro-blog.
votestr Web Poll web app with Nostr authentication and blind signature unlinkability
Written Web Self hosted blog using Nostr long-form content (NIP-23) and it shows only posts by selected authors.

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