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There are two formats for your Nostr keys “n” format and “hex” format.  Hex keys look identical whereas the new “n” format has a descriptor so it is easy to know what key is what.  Let’s look at this example keypair below:

James, our example user, his private key has two formats for the same key, while they look different they are indeed the same:

  • nsec1pd60jkptam4j8zrjxckknwhxupsqvyleaeufaaj90atmuj0wpmwq99rwzm
  • 0b74f9582beeeb238872362d69bae6e0600613f9ee789ef6457f57be49ee0edc

James’s public key also has both formats, it looks like:

  • npub1p63dcaxsur277pzemhndf9atapjgdece9esn34hu3jjvq35fmezsq5797w
  • 0ea2dc74d0e0d5ef0459dde6d497abe86486e7192e6138d6fc8ca4c04689de45

As you can see, it could be easy to confuse the private and public key in the HEX format.  The HEX and N keys are identical, they are the same just a different format.  In some applications (like a verified username) it requires the HEX key to function.  If you do not have your HEX key here is a tool that will convert it for you: NostrTool (they do have a disclaimer about using your real key, if you are paranoid then look for other options to convert).

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