Sheridan, WY – April, 17, 2023 – BTCpay Systems LLC is proud to announce the launch of its new Nostr Relay Service, a professional-grade messaging platform that allows for decentralized messaging that puts data and privacy back in the hands of users. 

“Currently messaging platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger are owned and controlled by big centralized companies.  These companies monetize you and your data.  With the Nostr Protocol you own your data.”, stated Chris Terry, President of BTCpay, he continued “This is a revolution in messaging, it will change everything.”

Nostr’s unique approach to messaging also provides excellent use cases for businesses. For instance, companies can use the platform for internal communications, team collaboration, and customer engagement. Nostr’s decentralized nature allows businesses to communicate securely, and the advanced features make it easier to share information effectively.

Nostr LC Relay offers two service levels to meet the diverse needs of its users. The entry-level service is free for life, with no credit card or payment required. The premium service includes high-performance servers and daily backups, ideal for businesses that require a reliable and secure messaging platform.

“We believe that Nostr Protocol will revolutionize the way that businesses and individuals communicate.  We are excited to contribute to the growth of the network with our offering. Nostr has the added benefits of decentralization and Bitcoin Lightning payments integration.” said Mr. Terry. “We encourage everyone to visit our product website at to learn more about this innovative platform and to sign up for our entry-level free service or premium service.”


BTCpay Systems LLC is a leading provider of Bitcoin payment processing solutions for merchants, businesses, and individuals around the world. Founded in 2023, the company is headquartered in Sheridan, WY and has a team of expert developers and engineers who are dedicated to advancing the adoption of Bitcoin as a global currency.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact Mark W., via: h e l l o @ b t c p a y l l c.

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Service Agreement

By entering this site you understand that Nostr, Lighting, and other technologies used here are experimental. You can lose all your messaging data. 

While we do our best to run awesome Nostr Relays our service is “as is” with no guarantees. Also since the pricing is less than a cup off coffee per year, we do not offer money-back or any refunds after your purchase.

Furthermore, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel or refuse service to anyone for any reason.  More details can be found on our Privacy, Terms & Conditions page in the FAQ section of the site.

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