is Your #1 Choice For Nostr Messaging Relays Relays are the fastest and most reliable way to connect with your friends and family on Nostr. How fast?  We would like to say lightning fast. All our relay servers reside in Tier 1 Data Centers and are managed by IT Professionals on our staff.  Thus with our relays, you can send and receive messages instantly. That is not always the case with other providers. Believe it or not, many relays are run by hobbyists from their home. Not ours. Your messaging is serious business if you ask us.  Our relays are also highly secure, so you can be confident that your messages are safe & private.  With our affordable prices you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

Sign up for Nostr Lightning Connect Relays today and experience the difference!

We offer three levels of relay services to fit your needs. Scan the QR Code at the bottom of the page to add the relay to your messaging app.

* wss:// — Just like it says, free and no charge to use. But keep in mind there is no service guarantee and the server has limited capacity. However if you are new to Nostr messaging and want to try it out, start here. PLEASE NOTE FREE.NOSTR.LC IS DOWN FOR UPGRADES AT THIS TIME.

wss:// — When you’ve got it figured out and want the fastest and best communication experience upgrade to our “Lightning Gold Paid Relay” for maximum performance and peace of mind.

Upgrade Benefits:

  • 99% uptime guarantee*
  • Automatic daily backups*
  • Get all of your important messaging data delivered lightning fast with our wicked server (free service not as wicked).

You get all this for less than a cup of coffee, only: 10,000 sats (about $3*) for an entire year.  Upgrade now and start that lighting-fast messaging.

After you complete the checkout just add wss:// or wss:// to your relay list. Your pubkey will be automatically added to our relay server.  It all happens lightning-fast.

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Email and Telegram? Are we heretics? Are we traders to the decentralized wave? No, we are just being practical. Nostr and the use of cryptographic technology may be old school for some of us, but 99% of the world this is all new. We need to use traditional tools to make the Nostr transition easy.


Please add wss:// to your relays to make sure we get your message.  Expect slower support response via email.  Best support is available on Nostr messaging or Telegram.

Our hex key is above, our npub for support is:  npub1n5zapuulneh2zd37ssuh5kl88qvtznhzmsree4d7vwypqsvea9ksa6nadu

We will NEVER contact you via DM or ask for money. Verify our pubkey prior to any engagement. If someone contacts you first and says they are an Admin with they are not, beware. This is especially true on Telegram (as there is no pubkey to validate claim).

*Service Level Agreement: While we do our best to keep the relays running due to networking and other issues you may or may not be able to connect and publish.  You should always use several relay providers (at least a dozen).  Also our daily backups are for the previous 48 hours.  Each night we take a “snapshot” of our server for disaster recovery. We do not provide individual message recovery. Our services is priced in Satoshis (“Sats”) the U$D equivalent is for reference only and may or may not reflect the current exchange rate, we will update when we can.

Thank You Kindly For Your Support,

Click/tap the name above the image to isolate the QR code for scanning.

iPhone users -- there is a bug with the built-in qr-code reader for relay address format, please use an aftermarket reader from the App Store.

Support Pubkey

Support Public Key

Service Agreement

By entering this site you understand that Nostr, Lighting, and other technologies used here are experimental. You can lose all your messaging data. 

While we do our best to run awesome Nostr Relays our service is “as is” with no guarantees. Also since the pricing is less than a cup off coffee per year, we do not offer money-back or any refunds after your purchase.

Furthermore, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel or refuse service to anyone for any reason.  More details can be found on our Privacy, Terms & Conditions page in the FAQ section of the site.

By clicking ACCEPT box below and proceeding into our site and using any of the services we offer you understand these risks and accept these terms.